The Rack: Tool Rack, Small, Acrylic

The Rack: Tool Rack, Small, Acrylic

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The Rack: Tool Rack. Small. An excellent space saver for your benchtop. Line up brushes, sculpting tools, side cutters and your other hobby related items in this 'easy to find it' storage rack.

Dimensions: 170mm Wide x 200mm Deep x 165mm High

Construction Material: Coloured Acrylic, durable, tough, yet flexible and pleasing to the eye. Acrylic pieces come shipped to you in their own protective paper/vinyl coating which will need to be peeled away before assembly begins.

Includes: All Acrylic parts for construction and

  • Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts & Washers (Acrylic glue can still be used, but not necessary)
  • 1 x 200ml and 2 x 50ml Jars, great for loose model parts, hobby scenics such as our large range of Rocks 'n' Flocks.  Even use the 200ml jar as a brush rinse cup,
  • 3 Vials for easily lost small model parts, rare earth magnets or even your spare hobby blades
  • Silicone Rubber Feet for a non-slip unit
  • Rare Earth Magnets and locators to allow each modular unit to join to the next.
  • Easy to follow YouTube Assembly Instructions below

Choose from the above menu the 2 colours you would like to have your rack made in.

Frame Colour: This is the frame colour and includes the base plate, side and rear walls, first shelf and drawer front face. See colours below for examples.

Shelf Colour: This is the shelf colour for the remaining 4 shelves above the first. The drawer is always Clear. See colours below for examples.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to this item being custom made in your chosen colours, we are unable to exchange should you purchase the wrong rack, make an incorrect selection of colour or bottle type or simply change your mind. So PLEASE check your details are correct before adding them to your cart.