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Located at:
U4 - 14 Drury Tce, Tonsley SA 5042 Australia
Ph: 0408 080 048 (Aaron Cains)

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U4 - 14 Drury Tce, Tonsley SA 5042 Australia

To reduce congestion and email replies, we don't provide order updates if it is still inside our processing time frame. Please read below.
Before you message us about an order update, the processing times are clearly stated at the top of our website in the blue banner. This is updated occasionally as customer traffic, and their purchases with us fluctuate.
The most recent update will always be displayed.

Please note, the time frame mentioned here is for 'Business Days', i.e. Monday - Friday. This does not include weekends or public holidays. So, for example, if you purchase on a weekday, the 1st of the month and current processing times are stated as 7-10 business days, then your order is due to ship somewhere between the 10th and 15th of the same month if there are no public holidays during that period. This is a worst-case scenario, and your order may (and usually does) ship earlier than the time frame given.

Please note, custom colour acrylic items (such as items from our Paint Rack range) may take an additional 2-4 business days on top of the already mentioned processing times.