Hobby Desk Organisers

Back 2 Base-ix ® Wargaming Products is proud to introduce you to 'The Rack'. No, not a torture device, not even anything remotely painful. Just a simple, easily constructed DIY storage system for your hobby work area.

As you will see, some great organising ideas have been and will continue to be included in 'The Rack'. As each section is modular, you can custom build to your own specifications. No matter how much work surface you have or don't have, 'The Rack' will keep things in a tidy and organised manner for you.


Each unit has its own specific use: store your paint pots, your favourite hobby tools, or other consumable materials like static grass and clump foliage. Other modular units may be more generic, simply giving you more storage space with draws and store away compartments.

The choices become almost limitless with configuration and your own added style when coming in either Raw/Coloured Medium Density Fibre Board or Coloured Acrylic with/without Vinyl Carbon Fibre layers.

All units come with everything you need to assemble them. The only thing you'll need is a Phillips head screwdriver. There are assembly videos on our YouTube channel right here

An organised workspace makes for a happy hobbyist.