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Welcome to B2B's Mag-Maker. Here you can select between our Magnetic or Magflex rubber sheeting to be cut to any size required in any available shapes, as defined by the product menus above.

Select your shape, and enter your required dimensions and the quantity before adding them to the cart. Quite user-friendly and straightforward. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us, and we'll do our best to add it to the options available.

Both materials are adhesive backed. Simply peel away the protective paper and apply it to your required flat surface for a secure bond.

These materials are used in our Magnetic/Magflex Movement Trays range in the Movement Tray Maker (MTM). Check them out if you want more than just the sheeting.

Large sizes are great for lining your model transport case or shelves, allowing you to transport your magnetic-based models.

Smaller pieces are great for Magnetic Base Bottoms for the bases on your wargaming miniatures. Check out our Lasercut Material Maker (LMM) for all your MDF or Acrylic base needs.

Precision cut from the materials in the menu above. Available in any amount.

Points of note:

Any piece over A4 (210mm x 300mm) in size MAY result in your entire order being shipped in a rolled format (packed inside a packing tube or box). We will determine what will be safest for your shipment at the time of packing. Once received, unroll it and lay it flat with a heavy weight/s placed on top for 24 hours to flatten it out.

Magnetic Sheet 0.9mm thickness. This magnetised material (M) can be used with another magnet sheet, rare earth magnets or ferrous/iron-based products.

Magflex Sheet 0.6mm thickness. This material is NOT magnetised (NM), but other magnets and magnetic products will attract to it as it is iron/ferrous-infused rubber.

PLEASE READ: Both materials can overlap in their use for many applications. However, when choosing which material is best for you, there is something to consider.

Magnetic sheet: Suppose a precise location is not a factor for your models, such as transport on a tray, where models can be placed randomly, close together, without touching each other. Any iron/ferrous-based models (e.g., washers glued on the underside) can be used without issue with the Magnetic sheet. For a stronger pull force, use Magnets or Magnetic sheeting on the bottom of your models. They will hold even better.

However, this material is magnetised to have an invisible +ve and -ve polar grid pattern, approximately 2-3mm square, across its surface. So when attracting things like small magnets or other magnetic sheets to it, these will be pulled into alignment within this grid pattern, depending on both items' polarity, pull force and location.

It is NOT recommended to use this material if you are looking for a precise location application (e.g. Rank & File formation of models), as due to the above factors, your models can (and usually will be) pulled out of formation. It IS recommended to use Magflex sheet for this type of application (see below).

Magflex sheet is not magnetised. But it is iron-infused rubber, so as mentioned above, magnetic products will attract and stick to it. However, as there is no polar grid across its surface as with Magnetic Sheet, a precise location can be obtained with your magnetic products (e.g. Rank & File models will not be pulled out of formation when placed alongside each other).

If you have any doubts or questions about either of these materials, please feel free to use our contact form to reach us.

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