MAC Flight Stands (8) Small 30mm

MAC Flight Stands (8) Small 30mm

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One set of eight (8) laser-cut acrylic magnetic flight stands for tabletop wargaming. Cut from 3mm acrylic, with two heights included (4 x 45mm and 4 x 33mm overall). All parts (except magnets) come to you with a protective paper coating to prevent scratching during transit to you.

Tired of having your flight stands snap from your flyer/skimmer models? Or do you leave your stands unglued so they can be packed separately for transport, only to have your models tip and spin during gameplay when sitting on the peg? Well, look no further. With Magnetic Flight Stands, you get the best of both worlds. Models are held firmly in place during gameplay but can be separated from their stands for transport. What you get:

  • 8 x 30mm Round Bases
  • 4 x 45mm Pegs
  • 4 x 33mm Pegs
  • 8 x 3mm x 3mm x 3mm Square RE Magnets
  • 8 x 3mm x 2mm Disc RE Magnets

Using a combination laser cut acrylic and rare earth magnets (N50) and tested on a wide range of small, medium and large flyer and skimmer kits for 25mm to 30mm gaming, following these simple steps for assembly will see to it that you never have to use another type of flight stand again.

While most modellers/gamers prefer clear stands, you also have the option of having your stands made in any of our available colours in the menu above.

NOTE: Best used on the smallest of plastic/metal flyers/skimmers that are usually deployed in squadrons larger than 3 and require a smaller base for gameplay purposes.

These instructions are for the Small Stands (60mm). However, the same procedure is used for these 30mm stands. It's only the base size that has changed. Please see the appropriate listing for the Large (60mm) stands as they are different for assembly purposes.

STEP 1: Starting with your components, 1 Base, 1 Peg, 1 Round 3mm (diameter) x 2mm (thickness) Magnet, 1 3mm Square Magnet.

Remove your protective paper coating from both the base and peg.

STEP 2: Some people find it ideal to superglue the peg into the stand at this stage, as it gives something more to hold onto while placing magnets.

Already being a snug fit, you may need to give a little downward pressure onto a flat surface for the peg to make definite contact with the base at the join. Using superglue will simply make sure that it never falls out.

STEP 3: Before placing and gluing any magnets, you will need to make sure of polarity. Simply take one square and one round magnet and let them join together. This is how the magnets will sit while your model is joined to the stand.

STEP 4: Start by test fitting your square magnet into the square slot at the top of the peg (as pictured). The top surface of the square magnet will sit flush with the top of the peg, leaving the round magnet sitting proud.

Remove the magnets and apply super glue to the three surfaces you noticed that come in contact with the peg. Keep the superglue as minimal as possible so as to minimise mess. The magnet is a snug fit also.

Set this aside and allow it to dry.

STEP 5: Moving onto your model to be mounted on the stand, locate where your normal flight stand peg would go.

STEP 6: Drill the hole out to a diameter of 3mm. While putting minimal stress on small plastic components, the best way to do this is to run a 3mm drill bit in a cordless drill on a backwards setting. This actually turns the excess plastic into powder under a more controlled action, rather than removing large amounts of swarf too quickly and undesirably.

Drill to a minimum of 2mm deep to allow full insertion of the round magnet, any less, and you won't get it to sit flush with the models surface.

STEP 7: Place a minimal amount of superglue in the hole you have drilled out. With the round magnet still attached to the peg as shown in Step 4 (so as to keep your polarity correct), push the round magnet into the hole. The peg and square magnet won't allow you to push the round magnet any further than flush with the models surface. So even if you have drilled more than 2mm, it simply isnt a problem.

Once dry, you have now fully assembled your Magnetic Acrylic Flight Stand. You can now place your model on top and see how it clicks into position.

PLEASE NOTE: Models are held firmly in place during gameplay, can be lifted or slid across the table with ease and reliability. These stands are NOT designed for larger kits that have more weight in one location due to turrets or sponsons. Use the Large Stand kit for these models.