Inverted - Round Shoulder

Inverted - Round Shoulder

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One (1) set of vacuum cast, polyurethane resin bases. Choose from the included menu from the range of sizes with set amounts per set.

An excellent way to theme your army and give each figure its style and persona. Designed for use with miniature models for 25mm to 32mm scales.

These bases can be drilled, sanded and painted.

Inverted bases have their flat surface at the bottom of the base (surface playing level). This allows for 'depth' detail to be added, all the while being supported by the base itself. Great for holding water effects, or adding 'underground' details before mounting your models. The bottom surface is approximately 2mm thick while leaving 3-4mm of recessed area for you to add your basing details.

Shown here is an example of the bases painted for effect. The bases will come to you unpainted and will need cleaning up of flash and mold release residue before priming and painting.