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Star Wars X-Wing

Star Wars X-Wing Alpha-class Star Wing Expansion Pack

The first widely deployed Imperial starfighter to boast shields and a hyperdrive, the Alpha-class Star Wing had limited maneuverability but was heavily armed for its size. The fighter remains impressively durable and destructive in X-Wing™, where i…

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Star Wars X-Wing ARC-170

The Rebel Alliance recovered, repaired, and retrofitted a handful of ARC-170 starfighters during the Galactic Civil War. Though somewhat antiquated, the ship was still a force to be reckoned with, featuring powerful cannons, heavy shielding, and a…

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Star Wars X-Wing Bespin Playmat

Immerse yourself more fully in the Star Wars universe even as you battle for the fates of billions over vibrant, full-color images of the galaxy’s most iconic locations. Legal for tournament play of both X-Wing™ and Star Wars™: Armada, our 3' b…

$74.95 $67.46

Star Wars X-Wing Force Awakens Starter Set

Take command of a Resistance X-wing or two First Order TIE fighters with The Force Awakens Core Set for the X-Wing Miniatures Game! In this two-player game of dramatic, high-speed dogfights, you and your opponent battle head-to-head for the fate of t…

$64.95 $58.46

Star Wars X-Wing Force Awakens T-70 Expansion

The modern incarnation of a classic design, the Incom T-70 X-wing fighter is the signature combat craft of the Resistance forces in their fight against the First Order. The T-70 X-wing Expansion pack for X-Wing comes with one pre-painted T-70 X-wing …

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Star Wars X-Wing Force Awakens Tie/fo Fighter Expansion

Following the traditions of the Galactic Empire, the First Order has kept the TIE fighter design in service, but has updated the craft to modern combat standards. The TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack allows you to reinforce your X-Wing squadron with one…

$24.95 $22.46

Star Wars X-Wing Heroes of the Resistance

This product will be shipping from 09 Sep 2019

Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, and the heroes of The Force Awakens fight for freedom with the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack for X-Wing™. Featuring new sculpts for the Millennium Falcon and Poe Dameron’s black-and-orange T-70 X-wing, Heroes …

$69.95 $62.96

Star Wars X-Wing Hounds Tooth

A modified YV-666 light freighter, Hound’s Tooth was the signature vessel of one of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunters and slavers, the fearsome Trandoshan Bossk. The Hound’s Tooth Expansion Pack brings this infamous freighter to lif…

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Star Wars X-Wing Imperial Assault Carrier

No description has been provided for this item.

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Star Wars X-Wing Imperial Raider

Explore epic new chapters in the Galactic Civil War with the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack for X-Wing™! The Empire gains a powerful counter to the Rebellion’s huge ships with one huge, pre-painted Imperial Raider-class corvette and a new TIE Adv…

$159.90 $143.91

Star Wars X-Wing M12-L Kimogila Fighter Expansion Pack

Produced by MandalMotors and flown by enforcers of the Hutt kajidics and other criminal cartels, the M12-L Kimogila fighter was dreaded by spacers across the Outer Rim for its ordnance capacity and the withering torrents of coordinated fire it could …

$34.95 $31.46

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Death Star 2 - Playmat

Please note - Does not include 2 units of platmats    Bring the galaxy to life with two stunning Star Wars Playmats! Both the Bespin Playmat and the Death Star II Playmat are easily portable, 3’ by 3’ neoprene playmats with slip-resistant bot…

$79.95 $71.96