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Equinox Silicone Putty Trial Kit


Product Codeeqsptk
ManufacturerSmooth On

One (1) Smooth-On Equinox Silicone Putty Trial Kit

Equinox® Silicone Putty Products are new silicone compounds (platinum catalyst) that can be easily mixed and applied by hand to a variety of surfaces.  Equinox® Putty is mixed in equal amounts (1A:1B) by volume.Equinox® 35 has a pot life of about 1 minute with a cure time of about 7 minutes at room temperature (73°F/23°C).  Equinox® 38 has a pot life of 4 minutes with a cure time of 30 minutes and Equinox® 40 is a slower version with a 30 minute pot life and 5 hour demold time.Shrinkage is low and cured rubber is exceptionally strong (very high tensile strength), durable and will resist high temperatures (for casting low-temperature melt metal alloys). They also resist cure inhibition. Applications include making fast mold impressions from almost any surface, orthotics / orthopedic, equine hoof repair, jewelry making and more.
Equinox® silicones are suitable for making baking molds, casting butter, ice, chocolate and other applications used to produce food - Please note : Special Procedure Required

  •     Equinox® 35 FAST Putty - Shore 35A hardness
  •     Equinox® 38 MEDIUM Putty - Shore 38A hardness
  •     Equinox® 40 SLOW Putty - Shore 40A hardness