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EpoxAcast 670 HT Trial Kit


Product Code e6970httkgk
Manufacturer Smooth On
Condition New
Weight 1.5Kg

One (1) Smooth On EpoxAcast 670 HT  Trial Kit

EpoxAcast® 670 HT (formerly 20-136) is an epoxy casting compound which offers high heat resistance up to 350° F/177° C if post cure schedule is used. EpoxAcast® 670 HT features a relatively low viscosity that ensures minimal bubble entrapment.EpoxAcast® 670 HT also offers an extra long working time of 3 hours.

Castings cure with negligible shrinkage and are very hard, very strong and heat resistant. EpoxAcast® 670 HT is ideal for making vacuum form molds, foundry patterns, forming dies & fixtures, hard rollers, industrial parts and high impact tools. EpoxAcast® 670 HTis also suitable for encapsulation applications or for use as a high temperature epoxy adhesive for bonding a variety of surfaces.

EpoxAcast® 670
                                                                 Mix Ratio                         Pot Life                                      Cure Time
HT HIGH TEMPERATURE Hardener     100A:16B by weight         3.0 Hours             24 Hours followed by: Heat cure for 2 hrs at 175°F/80°C followed by 3 hrs at 300°F/150°C