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Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror Cities of Ruin

Violent earthquakes contort cities to unrecognizable ruin, unrelenting typhoons eradicate coastlines, and deep below the Earth something ancient stirs. Shudde M’ell, The Cataclysm from Below, approaches with destruction and ruin as his heralds! Cit…

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Eldritch Horror Core Game

Eldritch Horror is a cooperative game of terror and adventure in which one to eight players take the roles of globetrotting investigators working to solve mysteries, gather clues, and protect the world from an Ancient One - an elder being bent on ult…

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Eldritch Horror Forsaken Lore Expansion

Forsaken Lore is the first expansion for Eldritch Horror, immersing you and your investigators more fully into the global fight for the survival of humankind. As the Ancient Ones grow in power, investigators must work harder than ever to save our wor…

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Eldritch Horror Masks of Nyarlathotep

Eldritch Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep is an expansion for Eldritch Horror, a cooperative board game for one to eight players in which intrepid investigators must traverse the globe in an attempt to thwart the cataclysmic rise of an otherworldly Anci…

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Eldritch Horror Mountains of Madness

Explore the haunted vastness of Antarctica in Mountains of Madness, the first side board expansion for Eldritch Horror! Inspired by H.P. Lovecrafts tale of a Miskatonic University expedition ravaged by sinister and inhuman creatures, Mountains of Mad…

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Eldritch Horror Under Pyramid

No description has been provided for this item.

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