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Sorta Clear Trial Kit


Product Codesctk
ManufacturerSmooth On

One (1) Smooth-On Sorta Clear Trial Kit

SORTA-Clear® Series rubbers are premium water white translucent silicone rubbers (platinum catalyst) which cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Available in Shore 18A, 37A and 40A hardness, these rubbers feature high tensile and tear strength. Sorta Clear® 37 offers the convenience of a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio. The 18A and 40A products require a gram scale for measuring parts A + B.

  •     SORTA-Clear® 12 - Shore 12A hardness
  •     SORTA-Clear® 18 - Shore 18A hardness
  •     SORTA-Clear® 37 - Shore 37A hardness
  •     SORTA-Clear® 40 - Shore 40A hardness

SORTA-Clear™ 12 is a premium water white translucent silicone rubber (platinum catalyst) which cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. SORTA-Clear™ 12 cures in 12 hours with a final Shore hardness of 12A. SORTA-Clear™ 12 features exceptional tear and tensile strength. Rubber clarity is especially useful when extracting models via cutting.

SORTA-Clear™ silicone is ideal for making prototype, jewellery or other molds of any configuration where model visibility is important (i.e. extracting a model from the mold via cutting). Materials such as urethane, epoxy or polyester resins can then be cast into SORTA-Clear™ silicone without application of a release agent. Other materials such as wax and low melt metal alloys can also be cast into SORTA-Clear™. SORTA-Clear™ can be pigmented with SILC Pig™ or Ignite™ pigments.

SORTA-Clear® silicones are suitable for making molds for baking, casting ice, butter or chocolate and other applications used to food products.