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Rack Pack: The Paint Master with Included Shipping


Product Coderackpack001
ManufacturerBack 2 Base-ix

This item is always in stock.

Please be aware of what this store listing is able to do for you by reading and following the simple steps as outlined below.

This store listing enables you to purchase this particluar rack layout as seen in the image above, as well as:

  • giving you the options to upgrade the center section to the 2 drawer unit and/or
  • add further units to the pack and
  • still get Free Shipping via DHL Global Mail (7-15 day delivery to most countries).

The Rack Pack, The Paint Master: The starting set includes:

  • Straight Section, Large, All Paint
  • 2 x Internal 90° Corners, All Paint
  • 2 x External 90° Corners, All Paint.
  • Total dimensions 850mm Wide x 450mm Deep

Construction Material: Coloured Acrylic, durable, tough, yet flexible and pleasing to the eye. Acrylic pieces come shipped to you in their own protective paper/vinyl coating which will need to be peeled away before assembly begins.

Includes: All Acrylic parts for construction and

  • Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts & Washers for Assembly (Acrylic glue can still be used, but not neccessary)
  • Silicone Rubber Feet for a non slip unit
  • Rare Earth Magnets and locators to allow each modular unit to join to the next.
  • Easy to follow DVD Assembly Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Due to this item being custom made in your chosen colours, we are unable to exchange should you purchase the wrong rack, make an incorrect selection of colour or bottle type or simply change your mind. So PLEASE check your details are correct before adding to cart.

STEP 1: Choose using the above menu the Frame Colour. This will determine the colour for the Base plates, Rear plates & Side Walls of each unit. Note the same colour is applied throughout the entire pack. See colours below for examples.

STEP 2: Choose using the above menu the Shelf Colour. This will determine the colour for the shelves of each unit. Note the same colour is applied throughout the entire pack. See colours below for examples.

STEP 3: Choose which paint bottle type you would like EACH rack section to hold. These are defined by the menus above labeled 'Extrenal Corner 1, External Corner 2, Internal Corner 1...' and so on. You can mix and match or have them all the same, just be sure to check each one so that you have your layout correct.

STEP 4: Check the box next to '2 Drawer Upgrade' if you would like the center section to have the bottom shelf of paint holes replaced with two (2) drawers. If you would like the All Paint version, please leave this unchecked. Note that there is a price change for this upgrade.

STEP 5:We have allowed for a further 6 racks to be added to this pack (matching photos below so you can have easy reference). They are completely optional. Leave them set as 'Please Select' if you dont wish to add any more modular units to the pack. If you would like to add more units, simply start at 'Rack Additon 1' using the pull down menu provided to add the desired unit to the pack. Your total cost at the top of the page will reflect this addition. You can then work your way down the menus, adding further units as required, again, completely optional, add none, add one or upto 6 more racks. The choice is yours. If you choose additional racks that hold paint bottles, simply leave in the order notes (during checkout) what bottle you would like these additonal racks to hold.

STEP 6: Leave Quantity set as '1' when adding to cart. This will tie up all your choices and place it in the cart as 1 pack. You are more than welcome to add further packs to take advantage of the Free Shipping. If you desire multiples with exactly the same choices, simply up the 'Quantity' from 1 to what ever you desire. If you want to add another pack that is tailored differently, simply start the process anew, again adding to the cart when you have finished all the above steps.

A FINAL NOTE: You may also continue to add further items from our store to your cart before making way to checkout. Other items that dont ship for free will simply continue to add weight to your cart, and thus show a reflective shipping charge at checkout for just those items.

Bottle quantities held as pictured before upgrades or additions: 

BrandBottle Quantity HeldHole Diameter (mm)
Minitaire 60ml, Tamiya 10ml Acrylic, Folkart 59ml, AK Interactive Jars12736
GW Hexagon (new), GW Hexagon (old), Lifecolor13334.5
Current Citadel GW, Model Master 14.7ml13333
Foundry, Coat D'Arms, GW Round, P314730.5
Dropper Bottles: Vallejo, Reaper Master, Army Painter, AK Interactive16925.5

 If you want your rack to hold different brands of paint then select the brand that uses the largest hole diameter. Smaller sized brands will then still fit, they will then just have more clearance around the outside of the pot.


Straight All Paint, Large

Straight All Paint, Small


Straight Paint & 2 Drawer, Large


Straight Tool Rack, Small


Straight Drawer Tidy, Large


Straight Drawer Tidy, Small


Bitz Rack, Small


Hopper Rack, Small