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Castles and Crusades RPG

Castles & Crusades In the Shadow of Aufstrag Box Set

Here evil resides, and thrives; treasures abound, hidden magic lies unused and forgotten. There is wealth and bounty ripe for the taking, and land and title for those so interested. In this wild country, in the very shadow of Aufstrag, the Umbrage Sa…

$49.95 $44.96

Castles & Crusades RPG Tome of the Unclean Supplement Hardback

Tome of the Unclean unleashes all the might of the wretched plains upon your Castles & Crusades game! From the Lords of the Abyss to the Legions of Hell and on to the gray waste of Gehenna! A host of devils, demons, daemons and other denizens of thre…

$49.95 $44.96

Castles and Crusades RPG - Monsters and Treasures Complete Hardback Supplement

Beasts of legend and myth, monsters great and small, these are the minstrel’s fare: dragons, giants, orcs, foul-minded fey, the dreaded hydra, the riddling sphynx, the naga, wyverns, griffons and so very much more.  Monsters & Treasure contains ov…

$84.95 $76.46