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50mm x 25mm Magnetic Movement Tray


Product Codemagnetic5025
ManufacturerBack 2 Base-ix

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One (1) laser cut Movement Tray with a Flexible Magnetic Steel insert (adhesive backed) for table top wargaming. Great for metal bases or plastic ones with metal washers glued underneath. Choose from our extensive range of sizes. All movement trays are cut from 3mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), supplied with a 4mm mitred lip (three peices, one being for the front and two for the sides). The lip can be glued in place with either super glue (for an instant fit) or PVA wood glue (for a slower, more controlled bond).

PLEASE NOTE: Magnetic movement trays are not supplied with magnets as they should only to be used with metal based models or plastic bases with the likes of washers glued under them. Due to the polarity zones/fields across the magnetic material, magnets cant be used as the will always want to be pulled into these zones, thus leaving your regiments unorganised. If you want to use a 'Magnet and Tray' system please refer to the Mag-flex listings. You can find them all here.

MDF is dense, flat, stiff, and has no knots like grained plywood. Its fine particles provide dimensional stability without a predominant "grain" (as is the case with lumber). Unlike most plywoods, MDF contains no voids, and delivers crisp edges. Use PVA Wood glue to attach your favourite basing materials so it matches your already based models.

Many different sizes available. Use the pull down menu above to choose your size then proceed by selecting the amount of trays in that size, then adding it to your cart. Larger sizes will affect the base price. Sizes listed with width (front face) x depth.

If you dont see your required size listed, please contact us an we will add it for you.


^^^ Check out the instructional video!!! ^^^