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Thanks for your patience everyone, it's been a stressful few weeks while we get the store back online. Even now it's still in a limited capacity, even though we have a slightly fresher look. Things are effectively where they have always been, so if youre a returning customer you should find navigation quite simple.

We will be bringing certain sections of the store back online ASAP, side by side with making the site easier to navigate in places that were a bit cumbersome. I would highly suggest liking our Facebook page in the window below to get the latest updates as they come to hand, as well as the new releases we will be bringing online soon, to compliment what we already do.

Hopefully everything here will run smoothly and your purchase will be seamless and stress free. In the event you notice something that doesnt seem to add up right (we'll keep an eye on things on our end too ofcourse) please use the contact form by clicking 'Contact Us' above and let us know the issue.

Thanks again everyone.

SHIPPING NOTIFICATIONS: All is right with the world. 2-4 day processing time :)






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